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The William Raymond Maass Family

On the preceding page was the son of William R. Maass, William G. Maass and his family. These are pictures of William R. and his wife, Bea (Top Photo). They reside in Nokomis, Florida and have recently celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary. William R. turns 80 years old November 8, 2000.

Patricia Maass Schubert (Middle Photo): Pat is a librarian in Bradenton, Florida. She has been widowed twice. Her husbands were Gabriel Favoino and Lawrence Schubert. She has no children but has her two kitties who need babying daily.

The bottom photo is of Joan Maass Grodski,her son Andrew, and her husband William Grodski. They live in Winter Springs, Florida just outside of Orlando. Joan is a retired nurse and her husband owns a pharmacy.

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